Happiness is Chosen Wisely

I started writing for discovery after many years of interest-driven reading about religion, philosophy, human behavior that is the cause of religion and philosophy. At the beginning, my writing was spontaneously scribbled on the back of my business cards or napkins before I started carrying a 3″ x 5″ Brest pocket notepad for over 30 years. I collected those scraps of paper and notebooks in a old brief case and reread them from time to time. Then I remember reading something a long time earlier that said, “If you hadn’t accomplished anything very significant or meaningful in your life yet, you would be a good candidate to start writing a book.”

Gold cover front

There was another writer who wrote, “If you wanted to know of a subject just start writing about it.” That’s like the Hansel and Gretel nursery book of dropping bread crumbs in the woods so they could find their way back home. That’s what writing for discovering is all about. Thoughts on paper is a basis for our stability of reasoning that can be reviewed and rethought, or deleted.

This is actually an act of introspection or insight into life and ourselves. That’s to turn our higher thinking back upon our own mind’s functioning to better understand ourselves and life. Then 15 years ago I decided to start reading about what happiness was so I bought six books written by the most prominent authors of psychology, psychologists, or just anyone with an opinion. They may have received a substantial education and even grants, but none of those authors were in agreement or even close to my own experiences of being the happiest.

Those great experiences of happiness were not in society or with other’s company either, but the many weekends and months sailing alone in nature. While sailing on a full moonlit night or anchoring in a quiet bay with the crab pot just behind my boat or the many sunsets, sunrises, storms ending, cold foggy mornings in front of a fireplace. That true happiness is without social anxiety, stress, obligations or responsibility to be free from myself. This is when I discovered what true happiness is: peace, calm, tranquility, bliss, harmony with life and myself while alone in nature–maybe all of those writers of happiness have never had the opportunity or experience of knowing this. That true happiness was such a stark reality of my childhood living in Southern California until leaving to live in the northwest the rest of my life. That’s where I’ve been camping, hiking, rafting, kayaking, and sailing while all alone.

That maybe I did know more about happiness than most other writers seemed to know.

That’s also when I realized being alone in nature was the “wisdom of the ages” by our higher thinking, wisdom, and enlightenment, and is from the stillness of mind and not our desire and fear.

Our ability is to turn our higher thinking back upon our own minds functioning in order to become the cause of the effects of life experiences. We can become happy in our lives now and not in maybe another life in another world, because we failed to make this life the best it could be.


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